Our business

Real estate buying and selling, brokerage, agency

We handle flat, apartment, second house, land, building, house, dwelling house with store...

Investing (income property) consulting

We will give you a total advice about real estate buying and selling, including survey, tax advantage, property management, repair, countermeasure in the neighborhood.
We cosult with costomers together about ther precious property.

Effective use of property, countermeasure for vacant house

We peovide free assessment, survey, effective use of property for a long term, countermeasure for vacant house.

Succession counselling

We help costomers with tax accountant, judicial scrivener in our business alliance to countermeasure for succession tax in a mid term.

Property management

We will put ourselves in our customers position to manage ther property with the company in our business alliance..

Kyo Machiya production

We produce Kyo Machiya hotel with professional carpenters, manufacturers, management companies.

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